​- Bad Reputation Prods.

- The 3rd Floor sketch             comedy

- Weekend at Bernie's

Tony Marcellino

​- Portlandia

- Grimm

- Librarians

- Lead Educator                 Portland Center Stage

- Host NPR's The Moth

- The Second City

- Bad Reputation Prods.

Nicholas Kessler

​- Owner The Siren             Theater

- Founder Bad                   Reputation Prods.

- Portlandia

- The Aces sketch              comedy

- Lone Wolves

- Sweat Hogs sketch         comedy writing classes

Shelley McLendon

​- Portlandia

- Late Night with

  Conan O'Brien

- UCB Theatre

- Bad Reputation Prods.

- The Aces sketch              comedy

- Bang + Burn

- Cartegena

John Breen


"The Liberators are one of the best improv groups anywhere...it's especially clear when they're back-to-back with acts from New York and LA..." - PORTLAND MERCURY

"No improv troupe in Portland is as rock-solid or dead-sexy as The Liberators, who return to the stage in their eighth year as a fearsome foursome of off-the-top inspired madness." - PORTLAND MERCURY

"The Liberators have been the standout improv troupe in town for years...and they're still going strong. They're all masters of the craft." - PORTLAND MERCURY

"The Liberators, an irreverent, raucous long-form improv group, has gained quite a cult following...their comedy will leave in tears from belly-aching laughter." - PDX LIVE

"Portland's best improv troupe." - WILLAMETTE WEEK

"​The Liberators basically put Portland on the comedy map." - PORTLAND MEN'S JOURNAL

"One of the wittiest improv groups you'll ever share an evening with. It doesn't hurt that every one of them is really, really, ridiculously good looking. - PDX PIPELINE

"They are much quicker than you at repartee - you will never win, and your date will think you're an ass."



"Side-splittingly funny!" - NEIGHBORHOOD NOTE